Our mission is to create a personalized and unforgettable experience.  Our philosophy is that beauty and style are as individualized as a fingerprint, and it’s our job to help you identify yours.

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Stephanie Monet

It took me almost a year to find Monet and Ruby Finch Salon… and it was the longest year ever for my poor hair!  I moved to Las Vegas from the East Coast and out of the comfortable chair of my loyal hair stylist of over 15 years.  I thought I’d never find another one I trusted or loved again, then I met Monet.  We hit it off instantly.  She’s so approachable, genuine and oh yeah, talented to boot!  I LOVE getting my hair done by her.  I receive compliments on my color ALL the time and it’s all thanks to her expertise.  I can’t thank you enough Monet!

-Stephanie Slack

I was recommended to this salon by my hairdresser here in California. I was hesitant at first but also knew that having my hair and makeup done on my wedding day was an absolute must. That was one stress I wasn’t willing to tackle on my own. I was just planning on trying to get an appointment at the hotel salon where we were staying prior to contacting Cora at this salon. Once we were put in contact, our interactions were professional and seamless. I was able to secure not only an appointment for myself but for my daughters as well and at the same time. I was fortunate enough to book both Cora and Monet for this special occasion and they were able to come to my hotel room so I never had to leave and be stressed with transportation and traffic issues. This was truly an experience I will never forget. Despite having never met much less talk on the phone, I felt so very comfortable with the both of them. They basically brought the salon with them and they made me feel like a celebrity for the day. Cora’s artistry is top notch. My makeup was flawless and my hair was more beautiful than I could have imagined. I will never forget when I looked in the mirror that morning and saw my face for the first time. It truly brought tears to my eyes because I never thought I could feel so beautiful. While I was having my makeup done, Monet was working on my daughter and step-daughter’s hair. I was fortunate enough to have the both of them work on my hair together at the very end. It was truly an overall experience and day that I will never forget. Because of the Cora and Monet I now have beautiful wedding photos to share with my friends and family.

-Stephanie D.

Monet and the team at Ruby Finch were the ultimate choice for my wedding day preparation. They arrived prompt to my bridal suite and set up so seamlessly, there was no hustle or bustle, just a peaceful joyful ambiance. They did such beautiful work in a variety of styles so each of my special ladies got to look amazing and feel pampered in their own uniqueness.  My bridal prep was relaxing and exciting. The trial had been a great day, but the actual finished product was more than I could have dreamed. I felt like an old Hollywood glamour queen with all the elegance of ginger Rogers and Kate Middleton combined! My look stayed put, not a streak of mascara from my tears of joy, and even the smallest braid and curls held perfectly through my dancing the night away!  I cannot thank Monet and her Ruby Finch team enough for making my wedding Look perfect for pictures to last the years to come.

-Kat Crescenti, RN BSN PCCN Hospitalist RN Sound Physicians

Cora did hair and makeup for my daughter for Homecoming and was absolutely fabulous! She was so patient and professional! Gave a consult first to find out what the overall look my daughter was trying to achieve and gave options to enhance the vision. I am so pleased with the results that I booked makeup and hair for Prom which is six months away. Look no further for special event needs!

-Tiffany J.

I found Monet through a highschool friend on facebook who has the most gorgeous red hair you have ever seen!! When I noticed my hair getting shorter every time I got a trim with an old stylist instead of getting longer, I reached out to my friend on facebook who gave me her stylists info, Monet with Ruby Finch Salon. My life was changed! My hair has never grown so fast, looked so shiny and healthy as it does now. I started seeing Monet, about a year before I got married and discussed with her how I wanted my hair to look for my wedding day and we worked on growing and coloring it so it would be where it needed to be by my special day. About 4 months before my wedding I thought I wanted to cut straight across bangs to “try something new”, Mo brought me back down to earth and reminded me we had a wedding we were getting ready for and I may not be happy with the end result. Naturally, being so happy with my hair with Monet, I used her & her partner, Cora, for hair and make up (also emotional support) for my wedding! Can I tell you I am pretty sure I had the BEST LOOKING BRIDESMAIDS EVER! I gave both ladies an idea of what I was looking for, my vision, what I definitely didn’t want and let them run with it!!! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Not only are these two women extremely talented, they are down to earth, so amazingly sweet and I absolutely adore them!! -Samantha Giacomino